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Site Rules and Regulations

Post by Alora on Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:22 pm

General Rules

The first thing I ask of you to is have fun and enjoy the site. We ask that you please be respectful towards others on the site. This means don't go harassing, flaming or verbally abusing anyone. If any of this happens to you please tell staff straight away.

No Spamming
If you post in a topic please make sure it is relevant to the thread. Do not double post, if you forgot something simply edit it into your previous post. There is an off topic section for you to go nuts in when not Roleplaying but don't go over the top.

There is an advertising section in the off topic part of this site and I ask that ads only be placed there. If you advertise anywhere but there your post will be deleted and you will be contacted by a staff member about it.

I have allowed for a chatbox on this site so members can chat about their characters, whatever. This site is PG13 so I ask that you refrain from excessive swearing in the chatbox or anywhere on the site really. No pornographic or overly graphic images will be tolerated in the chatbox. Anyone who posts these in the chatbox will be banned for at least an hour, if you are caught doing this again you will be banned from the chatbox full stop.


Unlike some other sites, to RP your character doesn't need to be approved. However, to RP you must have a character sheet put up of the character you're using. To use vehicles or weapons they must be in your character sheet before you post in a thread unless other members are okay with you using a new creation.


Please only make one account. You're allowed up to three characters per account so making an extra account wont be necessary. If your IP address matches another account you will be asked about it.

No God-modding
This is where you roleplay at an unfair level, making your character invincible or give them forbidden bending abilities. Do not auto-hit, this means you say you landed a hit on someone without giving them a chance to dodge it. You may also choose to make it so your character dodges or takes multiple hits as if they are nothing. If someone is godmodding simply let them know and surely they'll change what their doing. If not, contact staff about it and we will deal with it.

No Meta-gaming
Do not use information you have gained out of character when you RP in character. An example is you saw that someone was a fire bender in a topic when your character wasn't there, then you RP with said fire bender and know already what kind of bender they are. If you catch someone meta-gaming simply let them know about it so they can change it, if they don't contact staff about it.

Posting Order
When posting please consider what order it is in. There is no set time for you to wait til someone posts before you can take their turn but please be courteous about this. We don't want character's standing around just doing nothing while you and someone else continue to talk/fight/whatever.

Open and Private topics

If a topic has the word (Open) in brackets like said the topic is free for anyone to join until the creator decides to close it by simply putting (Closed) in the topic title. If there is a topic title and it has no label telling whether it is open or not it is assumed that it is open and that anyone can join. If a topic has the label (Private) or another player's name in the title it is only open to those that the creator has chosen to join the topic so do not join a topic if it is private and not intended for you. Other words indicating it is a private topic like (closed) or (pm to join) should be treated as so.

Post Length
We're not really that iffy here on post length but we do ask that you avoid using 1-2 liners. It's understood if it is a small dialogue post and that is okay. If you're doing something in the post detail doesn't hurt and helps other players understand what you're doing.

Keep it PG
Due to the terms of forumotion we do not allow overly sexual or gory topics. This site is PG13 so we ask that you keep it at that level. If you really deem it necessary for your character to engage in things not PG13 you can put -scene fades to black- or whatever. We don't want to see them nasty posts. It is okay to have your character occasionally use swears but please keep it minimal.

This site is based on Avatar: The Legend of Korra. So this means.. yeah! There's cars and planes in this world and you can choose to be an air bender. Canon characters can not be used until further notice.

Other Rules

Harassing Staff
Please bare in mind that staff may be a bit busy at times and will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not PM them over and over again about the same topic when they haven't even replied.


It is helpful if you have an avatar picture or picture of your character in your signature for others to get an idea of what your character looks like. If you have a picture as your avatar or in your signature please make sure it's a reasonable size. We don't want to scroll and scroll for ages to get to a post.


That's about it! Please follow the rules and if you see anyone breaking these let them know or contact staff.

If you are seen breaking the rules you will first get a warning, the next offense will result in a week long ban period and further on offending will result in being banned completely. Of course this depends on the seriousness of the offenses made but this is just to give you an idea on how it'll work.


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