Bending & Ability Rules

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Bending & Ability Rules

Post by Alora on Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:41 am

Alright, so you're probably here whilst on your way to making your character. There isn't anything too difficult here for bending so that part shouldn't be hard for benders. What gets a little more tricky can be spirit and non-bender abilities. But, lets get started.

Bending Rules

1. Forbidden Techniques
The bending techniques in this list are forbidden unless an admin is asked for special permission for plots or events. Should it be allowed, the usage will be very limited.

  • Lava Bending
  • Blood Bending
  • Combustion
  • Flying

2. Bending Power
It is completely up to you as to where your character will start as a bender. However the more powerful your character is, the more they will be expected to be active and move the universe. Otherwise, your power / character will be revoked.

3. Elements
As we know from the series, there are four main elements and from there little extras. You may only choose one element, no weird fire-water bending hybrids you can think of. Just choose one of these.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air

Some elements come with a more advanced style of bending. Such as fire which includes the ability to bend lightning. Water includes the ability to heal, earth with metal bending and air just sitting there on it's own.

4. Bending Masters
This goes along with the bending powers rule but it is something I want to specify on. Firstly, be realistic, a master is not going to be six years old or anything silly like that. A master is of course powerful and can teach other benders, however, a master is unable to match the bending capabilities of the avatar whilst in avatar state, though they can come close. To be a master from the beginning, your character profile must include a decent history showing how your character came to be a master.

5. Advanced Techniques
Advanced techniques as described above are more complex ways of bending a specific element. To be able to use them however it is required that you create a decent history in your profile and send in an RP sample to a member of staff who will judge whether you will be worthy of having the advanced technique you are asking for. Advanced Techniques that can be applied for and used are:

  • Lightning Bending (Fire)
  • Metal Bending (Earth)
  • Healing (Water)

Ability Rules

1. Human Abilities
Humans are only able to have abilities that humans are capable of having. Your abilities can be limitless but they must coincide with your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Forbidden Abilities
This goes for those creating spirits but it doesn't hurt to know what these are. They are forbidden obviously for their over powered nature.

  • Immunity (not taking physical/poison/magic damage)
  • Bending more than one element at a time

This list is subject to change should any over powered abilities be made apparent or used.

3. Using Abilities
You are able to use an ability as soon as it has been posted in your character sheet. If you make an ability half way through an RP thread you may only use it if it is okay with other members partaking in the thread.

Last but not least, do not make abilities that will obviously lead to godmodding. Do not godmod with your abilities. Just RP fairly, it is no fun for anyone having to fight against someone with ridiculous abilities.


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