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Character Sheet Sample

Post by Alora on Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:21 pm

Name: Harry the Homeless Guy

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Heritage: Earth Kingdom

Bender/Non-Bender: Non-Bender
Element: N/A

Harry is eccentric, a little crazy and has no idea of personal space and how to respect it. He likes acting as the Character Sheet Sample.

Appearance: Harry stands at 5'11'' and has quite a large physique. His skin appears to be tan but who really knows if its really just dirt. He has short dark hair and a long scruffy beard. He often has holes in his clothes and shoes.. Sometimes doesn't have clothes on.. Harry doesn't care too much for appearances

Strengths: Harry is great at being a Character Sample and drinking ginger beer.

Weaknesses: Harry isn't too great at holding down a job or place to live. He's also a bit fat.


Ultimate Drinking
Harry is able to consume large amounts of alcohol, more than the average person. He usually lasts longer at parties than anyone else, not that he gets invited to them.

Drunk Style

Harry knows one way of fighting which is drunk. It is sloppy and un-accurate but when he hits, he hits hard.


Harry uses these two dice to bet away everything he has.

Harry once had a job, couldn't hold down many. Born and raised in Republic City. His most current and longlasting job is being a Character Sample.

None that he can remember.



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