Time and Setting

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Time and Setting

Post by Alora on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:13 pm

Avatar Legends is an Avatar, The Legend of Aang alternate universe. While we use the time and setting of the series to roleplay in, we are able to change events and parts of the world to create our own Avatar universe to play in.


Avatar Legends is set in the world of four nations. The Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes and Air Temples. The nations are generally split up by a vast sea that surrounds the world. To get an idea of the layout of the world here is a map.

Unlike the Avatar series, Avatar Legends is set before Aang is found. The nations are currently not at war, however some events that could lead to war have still happened. The Fire Nation have recently attacked the Air Temples in attempt to kill off the air nomads and the next avatar with them, however the attack failed leaving the Air Temples okay and able to be rebuilt. This means that the are still air benders however the avatar has still gone missing.

As an Alternate Universe, we have chosen to leave all canon characters as NPC's (Non-player Characters) to be used by lore staff to make events or site plot. No one is allowed to play as any characters from the series as the time and setting is different.


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