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Alora Vize

Post by Alora on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:56 pm

Alora Vize

Female | 17 | Fire Bender

Ember Island Citizen | World Traveler

Alora is a very relaxed and laid back person. She is outgoing and friendly however she can seem a little up herself from time to time. With a lot of confidence the fire bender has a teasing and sarcastic sense of humor which she never fails to show whenever around others. As a talented individual with mind and body Alora has never really had to face anything that is super challenging, when a challenge arrives her personality changes completely. She becomes serious and overly eager to beat the challenge. In real serious situations Alora tends to joke around too much, not realizing what is going on straight away. Over all the fire bender stays true to her island lifestyle of relaxation and having fun, hoping to keep everyone happy and laughing.

Alora stands at 5'8'' feet tall and has a well toned build. Her physical appearance is typical of someone from the fire nation with black hair, amber eyes and a lightly tanned skin tone. While at home in Ember Island she wears relaxed fitting and revealing clothes due to the heat where as anywhere else while traveling will involve pants, boots, tops and gloves all relative to the Fire Nation's style and colours.

Alora is a quick, smart and sometimes cunning thinker which stays hidden behind her relaxed personality. She is generally agile and speedy in her movements with bending or general combat. Alora enjoys studying the bending styles of other elements, as a result she is capable of estimating a prediction of other people's next moves.

Though intelligent and outgoing, Alora finds it difficult to take anything seriously or see when something serious is happening. She tends to be passive and not be able to take sides due to always wanting to make others happy. Physically, Alora lacks in general physical strength and therefor often relies on her bending in combat.

Alora was born and raised on Ember Island, her parents being relatively wealthy and relaxed she has had an easy life.


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